Stephan Balkenhol - Sculptures' at Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden, Germany

12 July 2014
‘Stephan Balkenhol - Sculptures' will open in the dramatic surroundings of Skulpturenpark in Waldfrieden, Germany.

The artist's unique sculptures combine anonymous human figures with tall pedestals, all hand carved from singular blocks, often of poplar or wawa wood. The sculptures are among the most well known works of contemporary art in Germany. His figures, often 'normal,' neutral, coincidental looking bystanders, inhabit many of the museums and public spaces of our cities. Mainly Balkenhol has produced human figures, but he has made animals and mythical creatures as well. Their simple and seemingly casual formal language has contributed to their success, and at the same time made them a provocation in the eyes of critics and other representatives of the art world.

As a renowned sculptor, Balkenhol is recognised not only for the technical prowess with which he hand carves each of his wooden sculptures, but for his continual devotion to exploring the role of the figure within contemporary art.

The exhibition runs from 12 July to 12 October 2014.

Stephan Balkenhol at Skulpturenpark, Waldfrieden.