thomas hirschhorn - substitution 2

9 March 2007 - 7 April 2007
Thomas Hirschhorn is widely regarded as a leading artist of his generation. Best known for his sculptural constructions produced from disposable mass manufactured goods, Hirschhorn gathers together references and imagery culled from popular media alongside the work of radical theorists such as Gilles Deleuze and Georges Bataille. In recent works such as ‘Concretion' (2006) an overabundance of graphic images and sensationalist news headlines amplifies H...

thomas hirschhorn

6 March 2004 - 8 May 2004
Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to present Unfinished Walls, a major new project by Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn. Hirschhorn's work highlights issues such as political oppression, human rights violations, regional wars, pollution, poverty and famine. By presenting an abundance of confrontational material, Hirschhorn implicates his audience in all of these issues. In Unfinished Walls - a metaphor for mental barriers, segregation and apathy - Hirschhorn continues to ...

thomas hirschhorn: laundrette

5 June 2001 - 21 July 2001
Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to present Laundrette, a major new work by Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn.

This project, conceived specifically for the front space of the gallery, takes on the visual qualities of a laundrette. It evokes a similar atmosphere to that of a bright-lit, often uncomfortable space where a routine activity is carried out at regular intervals. The work is constructed from Hirschhorn's trademark materials: hand-made furniture, t...