Thomas Hirschhorn at Villa Stuck, Munich, Germany

19 October 2018
Composed of a huge landscape of ruins, ‘Never Give up the Spot' stretches across three floors of the new studio building of the Villa Stuck. On the brink between utopia and dystopia, the installation highlights to the importance of taking a standpoint against prevailing discourses, and ‘never giv[ing] up'. Admission is free to the installation, and visitors are invited to participate in Hirschhorn's project, to take a seat amongst the ruins and engage with he computers, printer, photocopiers, books and drawing materials provided. Combining destruction and creation, the work celebrates the abolishing of dominant habits, unjust hierarchies and unequal traditions, to create something new, positive, and inclusive.

19 October 2018 - 3 February 2019

Thomas Hirschhorn at the Villa Stuck