Thomas Hirschhorn in ‘Hybrid Sculpture: Contemporary Sculpture of the collection of the Stedelijk Museum’, at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

With more than twenty works by nineteen artists on display, ‘Hybrid sculpture' reveals how much sculpture has changed in the past three decades. Opposing classical rules, these artists reject notions of ‘pure' sculpture to create ‘hybrid' sculptures that combine performance, video art, and design.

Leontine Coelewij, curator of contemporary art and curator of the exhibition: "What these purchases and donations of the past thirty years show is that contemporary artists face sculpture with enormous freedom and constantly explore and stretch the limits of the medium. They have radically changed the domain of sculpture, and we are proud that we can show this based on our own collection. "

23 March 2019-12 January 2020

Thomas Hirschhorn at Stedelijk Museum