Thomas Hirschhorn in "It's Burning Everywhere" at Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany

Kunsthalle Mannheim will be showing "It's Burning Everywhere", an exhibition of works by Thomas Hirschhorn between 12 March 2011 and 13 June 2011.

Thomas Hirschhorn (b. 1957 Bern, lives in Paris) is one of the most controversial artist in contemporary art. The artist uses cheap packaging, mannequins, shock, photos from newspapers and the Internet, silver foil, acrylic glass and wood product to reflect on the kitsch and trash of mass media images. "Chaos is the world in which I live." Hirschhorn's artistic provocations does not only deal with the political and social condition of our society but also with the complacency of the art in question.

For more information, please refer to Kunsthalle Manheim's website.