Thomas Hirschhorn in 'Masters of Chaos' at the Musée de Quai, Branly, Paris, France

11 Apr 12 -  29 Jul 12

Thomas Hirschhorn will be participating in the group exhibition ‘Masters of Chaos’ at Musée du Quai Branly in Paris. This striking new exhibition will focus on the role and artistic representations of shaman through the ages, observing the influence and power of these tribal society members who say they can connect with the spiritual world and cure illness through magic. 

Thomas Hirschhorn’s installation ‘Outgrowth’ (2005) comprises a series of globes, bound and disfigured by masking tape, interspersed with photographs of war and destruction. Other objects, such as Egyptian statues dating from 1200 BC and African sculptures from the 19th century, attest to the Rousseauian notion of man as ‘wild beast’ and the brutal power of nature. This is a philosophy born out of the period of Enlightenment and explored further in nineteenth century writing with Oscar Wilde and Andre Gide.

'Masters of Chaos' will be touring to The Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn, Germany, from 31 August - 2 December 2012, and will also travel to La Caixa Foundation in Madrid, Spain, from 7 February - 19 May 2013.

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