Thomas Hirschhorn in 'Modernity? Perspectives from France and Turkey' at Istanbul Modern, Turkey

Gallery artist Thomas Hirschhorn is in a group exhibition at Istanbul Modern, Turkey. 'Modernity? Perspectives from France and Turkey' explores the effects of modernity on contemporary art. The exhibition looks into the phenomenon of modernity and the confrontation of artists with the modernity project, which is still valid today.

Hirschhorn is best known for his sculptural constructions produced from disposable mass manufactured goods. He makes references to popular media and explores everyday and found materials such as plastic sheeting, cardboard, aluminium, packing tape and magazine images to create a dystopian reality.

The works in the exhibition focus on the dynamics of modern life, both criticized and considered as an endless opportunity for research by visual arts. In a globalized world, we are going through a period of diverse, profound, and complex relationships in which uses of new technologies and the social media form intricate structures. Modernity? Perspectives from France and Turkey attempts to remind us how the remnants of modernity, which constantly reappear in various ways, have seeped into our lives in today's relatively directionless world. Featuring artists from Turkey and France, a role model for Turkey's modernization, the exhibitionopens for discussion how the remains of modernity can transform the present and the future.

The exhibition runs from 16 January to 16 May 2013.

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