Thomas Hirschhorn: Robert Walser-Sculpture takes place for the 13th Edition of the Swiss Sculpture Exhibition, Biel, Switzerland

The 13th edition of the Swiss Sculpture Exhibition presents Robert Walser-Sculpture by Thomas Hirschhorn. Constructed as a venue for the discovery and exploration of the celebrated Swiss writer Robert Walser (1878–1956), the sculpture is a constantly evolving site of active encounter and exchange. 

Transforming 1,300m² of the city's Bahnofplatz with readings and lectures, workshops, exhibitions and theatre, the work is the largest of Hirschhorn's 'Presence and Production' projects to date. Curated by Kathleen Bühler (Curator of Contemporary Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Bern), the work involves thirty six collaborators including institutions, associations, artists, writers and experts. The first such project to take place in Hirschhorn's native Switzerland, the artist will be present throughout the twelve week installation.

15 June–8 September 2019

Thomas Hirschhorn: Robert Walser-Sculpture