Thomas Hirschhorn: Touching Reality' at Institute of Modern Art, Queensland, Australia

The Institute of Modern Art in Queensland, Australia are exhibiting Touching Reality, a video installation by gallery artist Thomas Hirschhorn.

The video is composed of a series of photographs depicting shocking and brutal scenes of war. The images show mutilated corpses and reveal the human consequences of extreme violence and savagery in a way that we do not commonly see in newspapers, but which are accessible on the internet.

Hirschhorn is widely regarded as a leading artist of his generation. Best known for his sculptural constructions produced from disposable mass manufactured goods, he gathers together references and imagery culled from popular media alongside the work of radical theorists such as Gilles Deleuze and Georges Bataille. Implicated in Hirschhorn's work, viewers are obliged to consume and reflect upon that which they may have hitherto been able to ignore in their daily lives. The disparity between the viewer and the bombardment of blown-up imagery also reminds us of how distant and removed we can feel when confronted with such images.

Touching Reality will run from 5 October - 30 November 2013

Thomas Hirschhorn at Institute of Modern Art, Queensland, Australia