Thomas Hirschhorn Transforms Project Room at Museo Man, Nuoro, Italy

Thomas Hirschhorn will transform the project room at Museo Man in Nuoro, Italy with two new collages titled 3 "Easycollage" and 6 "Collage-Truth", along with smaller works from a series created between 2012 and 2015. The project, curated by Lorenzo Giusti, presents works by the well known Swiss artist in which fashion photographs live side by side with war photos, creating an uncomfortable space full of provocative suggestion and visual contrasts.

The 3 "Easycollage" and 6 "Collage-Truth"project develops along the pathway of an investigation of the collage as an instrument of critical analysis traced by Hirschhorn in recent years. His is an investigation in which the artist places side-by-side site-specific works that respond to the precise design of critically analyzing society (atmospheres created for the most part with poor materials and objects of daily use) and participatory operations that call for direct involvement of the public, as in the case of his "Presence and Production" projects such as "Deleuze Monument" (Avignon, 2000), "Bataille Monument" (Kassel, 2002), "24h Foucault" (Paris, 2004), "The Bijlmer Spinoza-Festival" (Amsterdam, 2009), "Gramsci Monument" (New York, 2013) and "Flamme éternelle" (Paris, 2014).

The exhibition runs from 10 July until 18 October 2015.

Thomas Hirschhorn at Museo d'Arte Provincia di Nuoro.