Tom Friedman: Always the Beginning

2 October 2018 - 3 November 2018
Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to announce a show of new, large-scale drawings by American artist Tom Friedman. Fluctuating between the comical and the conceptual, Friedman's work celebrates the mundane nature of everyday life by looking afresh at objects and their assigned function. Taking place in Gallery One, the exhibition will be accompanied by a new publication that reproduces nearly a hundred pages from the sketchbooks that this new body of work draws upon.

Tom Friedman: Gravity

14 October 2014 - 15 November 2014
Tom Friedman is celebrated for his unique and meticulous approach to art making. Painstakingly created, his works often appear pre-fabricated, before closer inspection reveals remarkable attention to detail and handicraft. The artist celebrates the acts of construction and destruction through an alchemic transformation of unexpected materials, including Styrofoam and flock. In his artworks, materials and concepts explode and implode both literally and metaphorically.

Tom Friedman

9 October 2012 - 10 November 2012
Stephen Friedman Gallery is delighted to announce a solo exhibition of new works by Tom Friedman. Furthering the artist's exploration and transformation of the familiar and the everyday, the exhibition promises an exciting range of materials and themes elevated beyond their original form and executed with mesmerising skill. Painstakingly created, the works reveal deeper intricacies from every viewpoint as the delicate nature of the material is revealed. Styrofoam, wood, wire, paper and stainless steel are all transformed by the artist turned alchemist.

Tom Friedman and Steve Wolfe

22 April 2010 - 29 May 2010
Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to announce a two-person exhibition of American artists Tom Friedman and Steve Wolfe. Tom Friedman returns to the gallery for his fourth presentation in over fourteen years of collaboration. Friedman is currently the subject of a major mid-career survey exhibition entitled ‘Up in the Air' at Magasin 3, Stockholm. This is Steve Wolfe's inaugural show in the Gallery. Wolfe is also the subject of a one-person exhibition which originated at the Whitney Museum of American Art and is currently on view at the Menil Collection, Houston.

Tom Friedman

8 March 2002 - 13 April 2002
Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by American artist Tom Friedman. Tom Friedman relentlessly invents intricate objects out of a range of household materials, such as Styrofoam, masking tape, pencils, toilet paper, spaghetti, toothpicks and bubble gum. His work is obsessively and painstakingly crafted, beautiful and playful. It connects to 1960s Conceptualism and Minimalism, although Friedman's vision and working method goes beyond these historical precedents, creating his own unique visual language.