30 Foot Steel Sculpture by Tom Friedman Installed at The Contemporary, Austin, Texas, USA

In a career spanning nearly thirty years, the conceptualist Tom Friedman (American, born 1965 in St. Louis, Missouri) has been a master of transforming the mundane into the improbable and the extraordinary. Among the most celebrated recent works by Friedman are the artist's crushed aluminum foil roasting-pan figures, sculptural objects that blend classic modernist sculpture with a child's playful constructions. Towering nearly thirty-three feet high, Looking Up, 2015, is among the largest and most spectacular of these works, a major new acquisition by The Contemporary Austin for the grounds of the Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park at Laguna Gloria, exhibited for the first time in completion at this scale. (The original incarnation, Untitled (Looking Up), 2012, was first seen in a solo exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery in London and stood just over thirty-three inches tall. And in characteristic Friedman wit, another earlier version featured the figure relieving himself in a corner. Here, he simply looks upward and observes.)

Opens 10 May 2015.

Tom Friedman at The Contemporary Austin, Texas.