Tom Friedman in 'Blessed Inaction' at Kenenburgh Museum in Bergen, The Netherlands

Tom Friedman's monumental sculpture ‘Bigbluefigure', 2006-2010, goes on display at Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen, The Netherlands. Known for his extraordinary works in micro and macro scale, this work presents an emblematic Friedman conceit; the giant cartoon-like figure is sculpted entirely from an oversize piece of blue styrofoam that hosts a barely visible microscopic figure - made in the precise likeness of the artist - inside the giant's eye socket. The minuscule figure stares into the deep recess of the eye socket, suggesting the artist's fascination in his imagined world.

In a world full of pressure both social and professsional this exhibition aims to take the viewer outside of themselves, to switch off and to enjoy a moment of ‘Blessed Inaction'. It has been curated by Eelco van der Lingen.

18 June - 24 September 2017

Tom Friedman at Kranenburgh Museum