Tom Friedman in 'Reading as Art' at Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre in Bury, UK

Massachusetts based artist Tom Friedman (b.1965) has two works on paper featured in the group show ‘Reading as Art' at Bury Art Museum in the UK. The works included in the exhibition find different means to foreground and to investigate the activity of reading: the forms it can take (silent reading, reading aloud, spontaneous reading, purposeful reading, and so on), the matter of reading (the book, the screen, the space of the page), the bodies that engage in it and the contexts in which it occurs. All of the works are concerned to make reading manifest in some way; in so doing, they each show - differently - how reading is its own form of making.

The exhibition runs from 26 August until 19 November 2016.

Tom Friedman at Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre.