Tom Friedman's 'Circle Dance' at Frieze Art Fair Sculpture Park 2011, Regent's Park, London, UK

Tom Friedman presents his large scale outdoor work 'Circle Dance' at The Sculpture Park at Frieze Art Fair. The park is located in the beautiful surroundings of the English Garden in Regent's Park. It is within a three-minute walk of the main fair site and exhibits new works by both established and emerging artists represented by Frieze Art Fair exhibitors. The Sculpture Park has been curated by David Thorp.

Inspired by Henri Matisse's painting La Danse, Circle Dance consists of a circle of eleven life-sized dancing figures, cast in a highly polished stainless steel. The origins for this work lie in a smaller macquette of the same design, handmade by Friedman out of oven roasting trays. Exploding the work here to human scale, the artist accentuates the creases and lines embedded in the thin, malleable foil of the original model. The disposable and everyday is exaggerated yet simultaneously transformed by Friedman's alchemic touch. Conceived to be situated within the landscape, the figures are at once light-footed and unerringly enduring; frozen in time yet brought to life on their reflective surfaces.