Tom Friedman's 'Looking Up' Installed on Chicago's Lakefront, USA

The Chicago Park District in collaboration with Luhring Augustine, New York and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London install Tom Friedman's 'Looking Up' 2015 on Chicago's Lakefront.

Conceived in a majestic scale at 33.3 foot tall and intended to be situated in a landscape, the origins for this work lie in a smaller sculpture of a similar design rendered in aluminium foil. Looking Up is by far the most ambitious sculpture from Friedman's ongoing body of work involving the use of crushed aluminum foil, roasting pans, and baking tins to create figures, which, through a process of molding and lost wax casting, retain the imprint of the original materials.

A charming yet magnificent piece, the quasi-human figure gazes up to the heavens, inviting others to stand at its base and do the same. This is the second sculpture in the edition of 3 (and 1 artist's proof) and was recently installed for six months in New York City at the intersection of Park Avenue and East 53rd Street; the first sculpture in the edition is permanently installed at the Laguna Gloria Campus of The Contemporary Austin, Texas.

Looking Up will be installed on Chicago's Lakefront from 21 September 2016 until 30 September 2017.