Tom Friedman's 'Looking Up' Installed on Park Avenue, New York, USA

Stephen Friedman Gallery, London; Luhring Augustine, New York; NYC Parks; and the Fund for Park Avenue are pleased to present 'Looking Up', a 33.3-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture by the American artist Tom Friedman.

'Looking Up' is by far the most ambitious sculpture from Friedman's ongoing body of work involving the use of crushed aluminum foil roasting-pans to create figures, which, through a process of molding and lost wax casting, retain the original material's imprint and markings. A charming yet magnificent piece, the quasi-human figure gazes up to the heavens, inviting others to stand at its base and do the same. An edition of this work is permanently installed at the Laguna Gloria Campus of The Contemporary Austin in Texas.

The installation is presented under the auspices of The Fund for Park Avenue Sculpture Committee and NYC Parks, who work together to present a variety of exhibitions by renowned artists on this unique venue. The Fund for Park Avenue relies on community support to plant, light and maintain the trees and flowers on the Park Avenue Malls. NYC Parks' Art in the Parks Program has consistently fostered the creation and installation of temporary public art projects throughout the five boroughs. Since 1967, collaborations with arts organisations and artists have produced hundreds of public art projects in New York City parks.

'Looking Up' will be installed on Park Avenue and East 53rd Street, New York from late January until July 2016.

The image on this news item is a photocollage rendering of Looking Up on Park Avenue.