Tonico Lemos Auad takes part in an afternoon of presentations and discussion at Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK

Drawing on Anna Maria Maiolino's exhibition, this afternoon of presentations and discussions convened by guest curator Kiki Mazzucchelli invites artists, curators and academics to delve into art made by women in Latin America today.

The first part focuses on feminisms and curatorial practice: Sofia Gotti discusses the concept of ‘radical bilingualism' through the lens of Anna Maria Maiolino's work; Cecilia Fajardo-Hill explores questions related to gender, sexuality and the erotic, including today's Latinx and Latin American queer and transfeminist artists; Cédric Fauq draws on the exhibition Still I Rise - Feminisms, Gender, Resistance (co-curated by Irene Aristizabal, Rosie Cooper and Fauq) to look into intersectional thinking and how feminism and gender might be envisioned in the future. The second part explores how materiality, subjectivity and form are intertwined in the practice of artists Erika Verzutti and Tonico Lemos Auad through their sculptural and textile works.

Coinciding with the exhibition Anna Maria Maiolino: Making Love Revolutionary, the event draws on selected artworks to address ideas around materiality, language and subjectivity, considering the intersections between the personal and the political at times when voices are being silenced.

Saturday 26 October 2019, 2–6pm

Tonico Lemos Auad at Whitechapel Gallery