Yinka Shonibare MBE Solo Exhibition, 'Cannonball Paradise' at Gerisch-Stiftung, Germany

Yinka Shonibare MBE is in a major solo exhibition at the Herbert Gerisch Foundation in Neumünster, Germany. The exhibition titled Cannonball Paradise will be a comprehensive representation of the artist - including installations, photographs and videos. The exhibition continues the Foundation's exploration of artists of African origin, following on from their 2011 exhibition of Romuald Hazoumè.

Shonibare's ‘Wind Sculpture' will be installed in the idyllic landscape of the sculpture park at the Gerisch Foundation. The Wind Sculptures are part of a new series of important large-scale works that mark a departure for the artist by working in fibre glass and steel. Using these materials, Shonibare investigates the shifting movement of wind passing through fabric. Shonibare dramatically scales up the fabric and at six metres high, the Wind Sculptures have a majestic presence, with brightly coloured, painted surfaces to replicate the patterns of Dutch wax batik fabrics. His trademark material is the brightly coloured ‘African' batik fabric he buys at Brixton market in London. The fabric was inspired by Indonesian design, mass-produced by the Dutch and eventually sold to the colonies in West Africa. In the 1960's the material became a new sign of African identity and independence.

The exhibition runs from 27 April until 19 October 2014.

Yinka Shonibare MBE at Herbert Gerisch Foundation