April 29, 2020

Marina Adams Joins Stephen Friedman Gallery

Stephen Friedman Gallery is delighted to announce representation of American artist Marina Adams. The artist will have a solo exhibition at Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, USA in autumn 2020 and her first solo exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery in early 2021.

Expansive in scale, Marina Adams’ work explores colour, form and movement in unabashed fashion. Inspired by textile design, architecture and postmodern poetry, Adams’ paintings feature vibrantly-coloured shapes arranged in abstract configurations. The synchronicities and oppositions between these forms generate a striking dynamism.

Adams sketches out her compositions with charcoal before she begins to allow for experimentation whilst working; drips of paint and gestural brushstrokes break up vast expanses of colour on the canvas to reveal the artist’s touch. Adams states, “I work in charcoal to get a sense of scale, of line and shape on the canvas. This frees me, so when I begin painting, there’s already a space there; a space that I can get involved with in a direct way. And that frees the touch as well.”

In Artforum, Barry Schwabsky writes: “Color is just about everything in Adams’ work, and everything seems animated, in movement. The energy impelling this motion is never agitated or frantic but rather feels steady, relaxed, and spontaneously responsive. Viewing her work is like being in the passenger seat next to a driver who knows how to take the road with supreme dexterity and implicit attentiveness; you feel safe at any speed.”

Marina Adams (b. 1960, Orange, New Jersey, USA) lives between New York, USA and Parma, Italy. Adams is also represented by Salon 94, New York, USA.

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