Group Exhibition
19 July–1 September 2019

Tau Lewis features in 'Estuary'

Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, Canada

Group exhibition ‘Estuary’ takes its title from The Nanaimo River Estuary which supports life through biodiversity and nutrient cycles, serving as a resource and sanctuary for its inhabitants. Legacies of industrial and colonial land practices have significantly impacted this environment and in the gallery space materials and histories reflect on this history, converging on the gallery’s floors and walls.

Curated by Christian Vistan and Jesse Birch, this presentation of sculpture, textile, sound, poetry, and video communicates personal stories and communal geographies, featuring artists Charlotte Zhang, Tania Willard and Steven Thomas Davies, Cecily Nicholson, Tau Lewis, Julia Feyrer, Elisa Ferrari and John Brennan. ‘Estuary’ features hand-sewn tapestries rooted in recuperative labour, filmic tracings of Nanaimo’s disappeared Chinatowns, aural explorations of the estuarine environment, and other artworks that see an estuary as a place of flux and process. 

Considering the estuary and what generates and regenerates there, ‘Estuary’ is the second exhibition at Nanaimo Art Gallery that poses the question: what are generations?

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