Claire Barclay exhibits new print-making at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, UK

20 September 2019
Claire Barclay presents a selection of new work made during her Residency at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland in the Sculpture Court of the Main Building of the ECA. The exhibition showcases the artist's new work in print making. Hovering between the organic and geometric, these works reveal similar concerns to her work in sculpture. 

Yinka Shonbare CBE features in New Science and Art Exhibit, 'Being Human', at Wellcome Collection, London, UK

5 September 2019
The Wellcome Collection will launch a new permanent exhibit, Being Human, this September. The new presentation will explore ideas of trust, identity and health in a changing world. Yinka Shonibare CBE will present a new sculpture. A life-size sculpture of an astronaut wearing a suit printed in the artist's signature 'batik' fabric, the work forms part of Shonibare's celebrated 'Refugee Astronaut' series.

Skip Gallery's Group Exhibition 'Look At This' goes on display at The Arts Building, Finsbury Park, London

5 September 2019
A unique group exhibition by Skip Gallery, Look At This sees Finsbury Park's Arts Building filled with skips, and eclectic works of art by contemporary artists. The exhibition is Skip Gallery's largest project to darte and includes work by Gavin Turk, Richard Woods, Paul Kindersley, Maja Djordjevic and David Shrigley.

Jonathan Baldock joins Stephen Friedman Gallery

8 August 2019
Jonathan Baldock works across multiple platforms including sculpture, installation and performance. The artist's work is saturated with humour and wit, as well as an uncanny, macabre quality that channels his longstanding interest in folklore and primitive art. With work often taking on a biographical form, Baldock addresses the trauma, stress, sensuality, mortality and spirituality around our relationship to the body and the space it inhabits.

The British Museum has acquired ‘Cowboy Angels' by British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare CBE.

23 July 2019
The British Museum has acquired ‘Cowboy Angels' by British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare CBE. The works are "a reflection on the Zeitgeist at a time of xenophobia, racism and the election of Donald Trump in the United States." Shonibare said.

David Shrigley features in ‘Dog Show’ at Southwark Park Galleries, London, UK.

18 July 2019
For Dog Show, 14 cultured pooches who live with a variety of artists and curators have been invited to select their top dog-related artworks, with a little help from their human companions. Labradoodle Spencer who lives with Whitechapel curator Habda Rashid has picked a video work by David Shrigley, ‘Hello There'. 

Claire Barclay takes part in ‘Art Car Boot Sale’ 2019 at SWG3, Glasgow, UK

30 June 2019
Located on the ground floor of SWG3, The Art Car Boot Sale 2019 brings together works by more than one hundred UK-based artists. The emerging and established artists involved will be selling unique works and editions directly from the boots of their cars.

SKIP Gallery X Zembla presents ‘Have I Got Mud on My Trainers', featuring David Shrigley in Hawick, Scotland, UK

29 June 2019
Zembla presents a retrospective exhibition of Skip Gallery, Have I Got Mud on My Trainers, curated by BAKER & BOROWSKI, founders of SKIP Gallery. On display at the pop-up exhibition space Zembla, Hawick, the show is located in the heart of the Scottish Borders.

David Shrigley features in the group exhibition, '4 Bed Detached Home of Metal' at New Art Gallery, Walsall

22 June 2019
Contemporary art collides with metal culture in this unique exhibition created by artist Alan Kane, and commissioned as part of ‘Home of Metal'. For this exhibition, Kane conceives the galleries as a domestic space centred on a love of metal, in its material and musical forms. Conceived as a metal ‘lounge', the galleries that constitute this exhibition playfully confound notions of public and private space and expectations of scale, purpose and value.

Kendell Geers: ‘The Second Coming (Do What Thou Wilt)' takes place at Rua Red, Dublin, Ireland

15 June 2019
The Second Coming (Do What Thou Wilt) is a solo exhibition by South-African artist Kendell Geers on view at Rua Red, Dublin. Inspired by the work of W.B. Yeats, the exhibition is formulated as a response to the celebrated poem ‘The Second Coming' (1919), which describes the approach of apocalyptic revelation.

Thomas Hirschhorn: Robert Walser-Sculpture takes place for the 13th Edition of the Swiss Sculpture Exhibition, Biel, Switzerland

15 June 2019
The 13th edition of the Swiss Sculpture Exhibition presents Robert Walser-Sculpture by Thomas Hirschhorn. Constructed as a venue for the discovery and exploration of the celebrated Swiss writer Robert Walser (1878-1956), the work constantly evolves as a site of active encounter and exchange.

Denzil Forrester, Deborah Roberts, Yinka Shonibare CBE and Kehinde Wiley in ‘Get Up, Stand Up Now', Somerset House, London, UK

12 June 2019
Get Up, Stand Up Now: Generations of Black Creative Pioneers is a major new exhibition curated by Zak Ové that celebrates Black creativity from the post-war era to the present day. Bringing together major historical works alongside new commissions and personal archives, the exhibition features 100 interdisciplinary artists who are considered groundbreakers of their generation and genre.


Thomas Hirschhorn takes part in OpenART Biennal 2019, Örebro, Sweden

8 June 2019
OpenART is Scandinavia's largest biennal for contemporary art. Whilst the majority of the Biennal is curated, 30–40% of participating artists are selected each year by open call. Primarily an outdoor exhibition, OpenART aims to propose new ideas on what public art can be, challenging preconceptions about the use of public space today.

Stephen Friedman Gallery launches a new publication to accompany Deborah Roberts' solo exhibition, 'If they come'

6 June 2019
'If they come' is Deborah Roberts' first solo exhibition at the gallery and in Europe. The exhibition is accompanied by a new publication featuring an essay by Daniella Rose King, Whitney-Lauder Curatorial Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia. Roberts will have a major solo exhibition at The Contemporary Austin, Texas in September 2020.

Kehinde Wiley will be honoured by the Gordon Parks Foundation this year

4 June 2019
The Gordon Parks Foundation Awards Dinner and Auction will take place on Tuesday 4 June 2019. The evening will also honour Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chelsea Clinton, Carol Sutton Lewis and William M. Lewis, Jr. and Raf Simons.

Mamma Andersson to take part in a cultural exchange in Mumbai hosted by Consul General of Sweden, Ulrika Sundburg.

4 June 2019
‘Swedish Style Mumbai!' is a project that brings together creative industries from India and Sweden for a vibrant cultural exchange. Among those from the Swedish fashion, design, architecture, photography, fine arts, film, technology, gastronomy and music industries, who will participate in the exchange are Michelin Star chef Marco Baudone, contemporary artists Mamma Andersson, Idun Baltzersen, Anna Camner and Rolf Hansson and stylist and designer Selam Fessahaye. Among the Indian participants are award-winning architect Bijoy Jain and fashion curator Gautam Vazirani.

Kehinde Wiley in '30 Americans' at Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Missouri, USA

1 June 2019
30 Americans at Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Missouri brings together more than eighty works by influential artists from the Rubell Family Collection based in Miami, Florida. Featuring paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, photography and video, the exhibition presents the perspectives of 30 African American artists who have helped to shape dialogues relating to race, history, beauty and identity in contemporary America.

'David Shrigley: To Be Of Use’ at Art Omi, Newmark Gallery, Ghent, New York, USA

25 May 2019
'To Be Of Use' is a characteristically playful solo exhibition by David Shrigley, now on view at Art Omi, New York. The presentation is comprised of practical objects, each with a twist that undermines its anticipated function. ‘Problem Guitars' (2017) consists of a set of instruments which can be played, but in an altered capacity. Meanwhile an oversized telephone allows visitors to make phone calls, but only if the receiver's number doesn't contain a zero. Each week during the exhibition, 'The Artist' (2014) (a Roomba outfitted with markers protruding from its nostrils) will produce a drawing to add to the display.

New book on Denzil Forrester's work to be launched at Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

23 May 2019
We are delighted to announce that a new book on Denzil Forrester's work will be launched on Thursday 23 May at Stephen Friedman Gallery. The evening will also feature an ‘In Conversation' event between the artist and British art critic Louisa Buck from 6.30 to 7.30pm.

YInka Shonibare CBE in conversation with Ekow Eshun at Tate Modern, London, UK

14 May 2019
In this event for Tate Modern, Yinka Shonibare CBE and curator Ekow Eshun will discuss identity politics, a topic the artist has explored throughout his thirty year career. This event coincides with the display of Shonibare's 'The British Library' (2014) at Tate Modern, an installation which reflects on the impact of immigration on all aspects of British culture, while creating a space for dialogue about national identity, cultural exchange and notions of belonging.

Yinka Shonibare CBE to give a talk at Sarabande Foundation, London as part of ‘Inspiration Series’.

13 May 2019
On 13 May, Yinka Shonibare CBE will be giving a talk between 7-9pm as part of the ‘Inspiration Series'. Other speakers who have taken part in the series include Thom Browne, Juno Calypso, Mat Collinshaw, Martin Parr, and Grayson Perry.

Jim Hodges features in group exhibition ‘With a Capital P’ at Elmhurst Art Museum

11 May 2019
‘With a Capital P' explores the huge variety of contemporary artistic practices that do not involve paint or a brush. The exhibition, which spans six rooms of Elmhurst Art Museum, aims to encourage conversation about the possibilities that have been opened up by an innovative selection and use of media. Curated by six local painters Leslie Baum, Magalie Guérin, José Lerma, Nancy Mladenoff, Suellen Rocca, and Kay Rosen, the exhibition focusses on artists based in the Midwest and surrounding regio

Kendell Geers will feature in Giudecca Art District’s Flagship Exhibition during this year's Venice Biennale.

9 May 2019
The island of Guidecca will be launched as Venice’s first ‘permanent art district’ during the 2019 Venice Biennale this May. During the Biennale, over 60 artists will take part in 20 inaugurating exhibitions across the Giudecca Art District. A site-specific work by Kendell Geers will be situated in one of the outdoor spaces of the District.

Robert Buck awarded Pollock-Krasner Foundation 2018-19 Grant

27 April 2019
Robert Buck is one of 111 artists internationally to have received the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation 2018-19 Grant. The 124 grants awarded in this most recent grant cycle totalled $3,168,000. The grants provide invaluable support for artists and not-for-profit organisations including museums, art schools, and artist residency programs. The Foundation has also provided Emergency Relief Grants to artists affected by recent hurricanes and California wildfires.

Juan Araujo at PEER, London, UK

26 April 2019
For PEER, Juan Araujo has created a new series of paintings and multimedia works that are based on photographs taken during his research visits to the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green, Hertfordshire and the Barbican Centre, London in early 2018. These two sources enabled the artist to pursue one of his long-term preoccupations - the consideration of how various articulations of modernist histories can be variously read through art and architecture, and the connections between them.

Stephan Balkenhol and Yinka Shonibare CBE in 'A Cool Breeze' at Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Republic

25 April 2019
Exploring the evolution of conventions relating to representation of the body, 'A Cool Breeze' reflects some of the most innovative leaps made by contemporary sculpture in the past few decades. Confronting a primary subject of traditional sculpture, the artists included portray the human body in ways that reflect contemporary issues of identity, society, and values whilst referencing the history of visual art.

Paul McDevitt curates group exhibition, ‘Du coq à l’âne’ (‘from cock to ass’) at Le Bel Ordinaire, Pau, France

24 April 2019
For this curatorial project, Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quaback take as their starting point the idea of exchanging cities: Paul the Scotsman who lives in Berlin, and Cornelius the German in Glasgow. Focussing on these important centres of artistic production, the exhibition shows how artists today participate in the dynamic activity of the cities in which they live and work. 

Join David Shrigley and Agricola Due Leoni for a signing-and-tasting session at Printed Matter, New York, USA

23 April 2019
Join David Shrigley and Italian olive oil producer, Agricola Due Leoni, in a signing-and-tasting session at Printed Matter, New York. In a wry look at the idea of extra “virgin” olive oil, Shrigley has created a witty label design for the award-winning Lazio-based producer. Agricola Due Leoni gives free range to artists to interpret the image of its organic, cold-pressed, primarily hand-harvested olive oil.

'Unearthed' (working title) by Jim Hodges at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, USA

22 April 2019
'Unearthed' (working title) is a monumental, bronze cast of an uprooted tree stump by artist Jim Hodges that will be in residence at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral from April 22 to September 8, 2019. During this transitional period, the sculpture will exist in a state of refinement as it absorbs the prayerful energy generated by the faithful gathered in worship. 

Andreas Eriksson: ‘Cutouts, Mistakes and Threads’ at Braunsfelder, Cologne, Germany

11 April 2019
Since 2017, a former fittings factory in Cologne-Ehrenfeld has played host to curated exhibitions of German and international artists. Displaying contemporary works of painting and sculpture by emerging and established artists, the basis of this private initiative is a local family's collection: the Braunsfelder Family Collection. Neugerriemschneider has played a vital part in the development of this collaborative project.

Tate London acquires installation, 'The British Library' (2014) by Yinka Shonibare CBE

8 April 2019
Highlighting the impact of immigration on British culture, 'The British Library' (2014) is a site-specific installation with a digital platform for visitors to join in the discussion. Open to the public for free as part of Tate Modern's collection displays.

Stephan Balkenhol at The Museum of Sepulchral Culture, Kassel, Germany

6 April 2019
Stephan Balkenhol presents a solo show at the Museum of Sepulchral Culture in Kassel, Germany. Included in the exhibition are large sculptural works, hand-carved in Wawa wood including the locally named 'Venus of Kassel', (2016) and 'Male Torso', (2016).

Yinka Shonibare CBE in 'Fly me to the moon. The moon landing: 50 years on' at Kunsthaus, Zürich

5 April 2019
2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing - an event that transformed our relationship with the world and our environment. In celebration of this landmark event, this exhibition is a journey through the history of artists’ engagement with the Moon from the Romantic era to the present day. Covering a wide variety of themes, the exhibition explores lunar topography, moonlight and the Moon’s shadow, ailments associated with the Moon, zero gravity and the Moon as mass media phenomen

'Criminal Ornamentation: Yinka Shonibare CBE Curates the Arts Council Collection' at Longside Gallery, Wakefield, UK

5 April 2019
The touring exhibition Criminal Ornamentation: Yinka Shonibare CBE Curates the Arts Council Collection opens at Longside Gallery, this Spring. Selecting works from the Arts Council Collection as a starting point, British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare CBE curates an exhibition that revels in pattern and ornament.

Rivane Neuenschwander in ‘Southern Stars: An Exploration of Latin American Art’ at Art Paris 2019, Grand Palais, Paris, France

4 April 2019
For its twenty first edition, Art Paris 2019 brings together 150 modern and contemporary art galleries in the majestic setting of the Grand Palais. Favouring a multidisciplinary and thematic approach, the fair places special emphasis this year on new horizons in Latin American Art with the exhibition, ‘Southern Stars: An Exploration of Latin American Art'.

'Let Them Be Children' (2018) by Deborah Roberts has been acquired by Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia, USA.

2 April 2019
‘Let Them Be Children' (2018) is one of the largest and most populous works that Deborah Roberts has made to date. The artist's use of collage speaks to the challenges encountered by young black children as they strive to build their identity, particularly as they respond to preconceived social constructs in terms of the black community, the white gaze and visual culture at large. 

Deborah Roberts' first catalogue is now available for pre-purchase, 'The Evolution of Mimi' at Spelman Museum of Fine Art.

29 March 2019
We are delighted to announce that Deborah Roberts' first catalogue is now available for pre-purchase, 'The Evolution of Mimi' at Spelman Museum of Fine Art.

‘The American Library’ by Yinka Shonibare CBE goes on display at Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

29 March 2019
‘The American Library' by Yinka Shonibare CBE is a celebration of the diversity of the American population and acts as an instigator of discovery and debate. The six thousand books in this art installation are covered in the artist’s signature Dutch wax printed cotton textile and printed with the names of immigants to the USA or from the American South, who have made a significant contribution to American cultural life. Visitors can engage with the installation through learning more about the individuals named, and sharing own stories of immigration by using the ipads provided. 

Yinka Shonibare CBE at Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

21 March 2019
Yinka Shonibare CBE's first solo exhibition in Japan will take place as part of a special programme at Fukuoka Art Museum, which will relaunch the museum after its recent renovation.

Kehinde Wiley launches Black Rock Artists Residency, Dakar, Senegal

19 March 2019
Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Kehinde Wiley's new multi-disciplinary artist-in-residency program, Black Rock Senegal. Located on the westernmost point of continental Africa, Black Rock will bring together an international group of visual artists, writers, and filmmakers to join Kehinde Wiley at his new artists compound.

Yinka Shonibare CBE in ‘Bel Canto: Contemporary Artists Explore Opera' at SITE, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

16 March 2019
SITE Santa Fe presents ‘Bel Canto: Contemporary Artists Explore Opera', an exhibition that examines themes of race, gender and class through the stories, traditions, architecture, and music of opera. The exhibition features the work of Vasco Araújo, Suzanne Bocanegro, Candida Höfer, William Kentridge, Guillermo Kuitca, Yinka Shonibare CBE, Matthias Schaller, and Bill Viola.

Yinka Shonibare CBE and David Shrigley in 'The Lie of the Land' at MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK

16 March 2019
‘The Lie of the Land' at MK Gallery charts how industrialisation transformed the meaning of leisure in Britain. Capturing the visionary spirit of historical designs for the use of public space, the exhibition explores some of the aspirations that underpin our built environments today.

Jonathan Baldock features in 'Fault Lines' at Freelands Foundation, London, UK

14 March 2019
Fault Lines is a group exhibition featuring Jonathan Baldock, curated by Edward Ball, Freelands Artist Programme Curator. The exhibition brings together four UK-based artists working in sculpture including Jonathan Baldock, Alice Channer, Angela de la Cruz and Holly Hendry. Selecting artists born over four consecutive decades, Ball traces an evolving fascination with themes of instability in contemporary art.

Yinka Shonibare CBE in 'Encore: Reenactment in Contemporary Photography' at Getty Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

12 March 2019
The re-staging of past events presents an opportunity for contemporary photographers to highlight underrepresented stories and to critique established narratives. 'Encore: Reenactement in Contemporary Photography' brings together works by seven artists who have employed the idea of reenactment in their respective practices.

Deborah Roberts in 'Plumb Line: Charles White and the Contemporary' at the California African American Museum, California, USA

6 March 2019
Charles White's artistic portrayals of black subjects, life, and history were extensive and far-reaching. ‘Plumb Line' features contemporary artists whose work exploring the black individual and collective life resonates with White's profound and continuing influence.

Deborah Roberts is an Artist in Residence at Rauschenberg Residency at Captiva, Florida, USA

4 March 2019
In 2012, the inauguration of the Rauschenberg Residency saw the studios, houses, and property functioning together as a vibrant creative centre. Established as one of the foundation's major strategic initiatives, the residency program serves more than seventy artists annually.

The book launch of ‘Juan Araujo: El jardin de los senderos que se bifurcan’ will take place at ARCO Madrid.

1 March 2019
The book launch of ‘Juan Araujo: El jardin de los senderos que se bifurcan' will take place at ARCO Madrid this year, at Cristina Contemporary Art, Stand 9A05. The publication has been produced through a collaboration between Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art, Galleria Continua, Galeria Luisa Strina, and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London.

Mamma Andersson features in a group exhibition of Nordic Art at Scandinavia House, New York, USA

23 February 2019
‘Nordic Impressions: Contemporary Art from Åland, Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden' reflects the rich diversity and global character of Nordic art. Displaying artworks in a wide variety of media, the exhibition is united by the historic threads that unite Nordic art and culture.

A monumental portrait by Kehinde Wiley has been acquired by the Saint Louis Art Museum

22 February 2019
Saint Louis Art Museum has acquired one of the stand out works from its recent exhibition, ‘Kehinde Wiley: Saint Louis' (23 November 2018-10 February 2019). The monumental portrait ‘Charles I' will be installed in the museum's contemporary galleries this summer alongside works by artists including Nick Cave, Kerry James Marshall, and Faith Ringgold. This painting is one of two works in the exhibition that the artist based on a 1633 portrait of the English king by Daniel Martensz Mytens the Elder

Claire Barclay is included in 'The Weather Garden' at Towner Art Gallery,

17 February 2019
British artist Anne Hardy curates the Arts Council Collection in Towner's eighth and final exhibition as part of the Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme 2016-19.

Yinka Shonibare CBE features in ‘Magdalene Odundo: The Journey of Things’ at The Hepworth Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK.

16 February 2019
‘Magdalene Odundo: The Journey of Things' brings together over 50 of Odundo's vessels alongside a selection of historic and contemporary objects. Curated by the artist, the exhibition reveals the vast array of references from around the globe that have informed the development of her distinctive work. 'Jane Morris' by Yinka Shonibare CBE is included in the exhibition. 

Kehinde Wiley’s new portrait ‘Jacob de Graeff’ (2018) has been acquired by the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma, USA.

15 February 2019
Kehinde Wiley's new portrait will headline the reopening of OKMOA's second-floor galleries this Spring. Part of an exciting new presentation of the museum's permanent collection, the painting will be on display in a new portrait gallery featuring works by Anthony Van Dyck, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and George Bellows.

Claire Barclay in 'William Hunter and the Anatomy of the Modern Museum', Yale Center for British Art, Connecticut, USA

14 February 2019
William Hunter and the Anatomy of the Modern Museum is a group exhibition at Yale Center for British Art, Connecticut. Taking William Hunter's Tercentenary as its point of departure, this exhibition offers a 21st century perspective on Hunter's Enlightenment project.

Tonico Lemos Auad and Andreas Eriksson feature in 'New Materialism' at Bonniers Konsthall

13 February 2019
The autumn group exhibition gathers 13 artists who work within textile, wood, clay and ceramics. The exhibition focusses attention on the increasing interest in crafts as a material and method within the contemporary art field.

Yinka Shonibare CBE at Norval Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa

13 February 2019
'Trade Winds: Yinka Shonibare CBE' at Norval Foundation brings together a wide variety of artworks from photographs to sculptures and a major installation, which are linked through their use of Dutch Wax fabric. The fabric signifies the complexity of how cultural objects are formed, shaped by historical, social and economic processes that defy simplistic or monolithic understandings of culture or nationhood.

Kehinde Wiley features in ‘Dreamweavers’ presented by ‘Swizz Beatz’ Dean and UTA Artist Space, Beverly Hills, California, USA.

13 February 2019
Examining the shifting boundary between fact and fantasy, the works included in 'Dreamweavers' are deeply psychological and provocatively imaginative. With a focus on contemporary politics, the exhibition centres on the ongoing struggle for social stability. Featuring artists whose work sits within today's powerful Black renaissance, the exhibition attests to passionate resistance in the face of widespread feelings of oppression.

Tonico Lemos Auad exhibits in group show, 'In the Labyrinth' at Large Glass, London, UK

8 February 2019
The idea of the labyrinth has inspired many artists through time. This show brings together labyrinthine works by exceptional, contemporary artists: Alice Channer, Dorothy Cross, Tonico Lemos Auad, Helen Mirra, Alison Turnbull, Mark Wallinger and Carey Young. The inspiration for the show comes from Charlotte Higgins' book ‘Red Thread: On Mazes and Labyrinths'.

David Shrigley in 'The Stage is Yours' at Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

8 February 2019
For 'The Stage is Yours', the fourth-floor galleries of the Finnish National Gallery are filled with participatory and experiential artworks that underline the concepts of giving, hospitality, and togetherness. The five artists featured invite visitors to engage as more than just passive viewers - to speak, listen, draw, and perform. The exhibition includes David Shrigley's participatory artwork, Life Model II, 2016. 

Katy Hessel to conduct a walkthrough of Out of This World during the exhibition opening at Stephen Friedman Gallery

6 February 2019
We are delighted that Katy Hessel will conduct a walkthrough of ‘Out of This World' at Stephen Friedman Gallery during the exhibition opening next Wednesday 6 February. Beginning at 6:30 pm, Katy will be joined by a number of the artists to explore some of the key themes in the show.

Kehinde Wiley in '30 Americans', a group exhibition at Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

2 February 2019
'30 Americans' surveys the work of contemporary African American artists from the past three decades. Drawn from the Rubell Family Collection, works on display range from painting, to sculpture, installation, video and work on paper. The exhibition was first staged in 2008 at the Rubell's warehouse in Miami, and has since travelled to museums throughout the USA, with each given the opportunity to curate a unique exhibition from the Collection's extensive holdings.

Ged Quinn in conversation with Marquard Smith for Paintingresearch at Wimbledon College of Arts, London, UK

31 January 2019
Paintingresearch is a group of researchers based at #WimbledonCollegeofArts. Each year, the group selects a theme based on prevalences that its members witness in students' painting. Ged Quinn in conversation with Marquard Smith is part of a programme of speakers, residencies and panels organised to explore this year's theme of ‘Ruin'.

Yinka Shonibare CBE features in the group exhibition, ‘Still here tomorrow to high five you yesterday’ at Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Cape Town, South Africa

30 January 2019
Yinka Shonibare CBE features in the group exhibition, ‘Still here tomorrow to high five you yesterday' at Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA). Featuring seventeen artists, the exhibition explores the different ways in which artists have tackled the concept of progress within post-colonial Africa. Drawing on African Futures and Afrofuturism, the exhibition explores the idea of utopia to call for a re-reading of narratives about present and future African society.

Thomas Hirschhorn takes part in Engadin Art Talks' (E.A.T.) 9th Edition in Zuoz, Switzerland

26 January 2019
On Saturday 26 January, Thomas Hirschhorn takes part in Engadin Art Talks' (E.A.T.) 9th Edition in Zuoz, Switzerland. Tackling this year's annual theme, ‘Grace & Gravity', Hirschhorn will discuss the relevance of these themes to his work.

Yinka Shonibare CBE Creates New Textile works for Hereford Cathedral, Hereford, UK

21 January 2019
Creatures of the Mappa Mundi is a series of textile hangings inspired by one of Hereford Cathedral's treasures, the Mappa Mundi, which is the largest medieval world map to survive to the present day. Groups of local people have been invited to contribute to the making of the artwork by sewing Shonibare's designs into vibrant fabric panels, while taking part in facilitated discussions investigating the themes depicted.

Yinka Shonibare CBE curates the Arts Council Collection at Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, UK

19 January 2019
‘Criminal Ornamentation' travels to its second destination, Exeter's RAMM, this January. Provocatively referring to early twentieth-century architect Adolf Loos' influential anti-decoration essay ‘Ornament and Crime', Shonibare takes the Arts Council Collection as a starting point to curate an exhibition that revels in pattern and ornament.

Jonathan Baldock is included in ‘Hyper Mesh’ at Assembly Point, London, UK

18 January 2019
Hyper Mesh is a group exhibition curated by Alice Bonnot that brings together new work by eight international artists including Jonathan Baldock, Pauline Bastard, fleuryfontaine, Holly Hendry, Jessie Makinson, Morgan Wills and Fani Parali. Comprised of painting, sculpture, moving image, and performance, the exhibition explores contemporary notions of identity and how individual identities are constructed and continually re-imagined.

Kehinde Wiley features in ‘On Their Own Terms’ at Windgate Centre of Art and Design, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, USA.

17 January 2019
‘On Their Own Terms' displays the work of 37 African-American artists, from the nineteenth century to the present day. The exhibition displays the work of well-known artists, but also talents who have been hitherto overlooked. The title comes from conversations about who gets to be an artist, and how now well-known artists like Charles Porter and Robert Duncanson were making work despite experiencing great hardship as black artists.