tonico lemos auad in 'pair ii' at pizzuti collection, ohio, USA

14 February 2019
Pizzuti Collection partners Tonico Lemos Auad and Alexandre da Cunha for this edition of the series, 'Pair'. Both artists were born in Brazil (Auad in 1968 and da Cunha in 1969), and both studied in San Paolo and then London, where they currently live and work. Auad and da Cunha share a sensitive and conceptual approach to objects and frequently engage with everyday materials, which undergo beautiful and unexpected transformations. Whilst da Cunha's work recalls the playfulness of Duchamp's read

yinka shonibare cbe creates new textile works for hereford cathedral, hereford, UK

24 January 2019
Creatures of the Mappa Mundi is a series of textile hangings inspired by one of Hereford Cathedral's treasures, the Mappa Mundi, which is the largest medieval world map to survive to the present day. Groups of local people have been invited to contribute to the making of the artwork by sewing Shonibare's designs into vibrant fabric panels, while taking part in facilitated discussions investigating the themes depicted.

yinka shonibare cbe curates the arts council collection at royal albert memorial museum, exeter, UK

19 January 2019
‘Criminal Ornamentation' travels to its second destination, Exeter's RAMM, this January. Provocatively referring to early twentieth-century architect Adolf Loos' influential anti-decoration essay ‘Ornament and Crime', Shonibare takes the Arts Council Collection as a starting point to curate an exhibition that revels in pattern and ornament.

ilona keserü and anne truitt in 'epic abstraction: pollock to herrera' at the met fifth avenue, new york, USA

17 December 2018
Featuring work from the 1940s to the present day, 'Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera' explores large-scale abstract painting, sculpture and assemblage. Iconic pieces from The Met collection are shown in conversation with works by international artists such as Ilona Keserü and Anne Truitt.

thomas hirschhorn in 're-sculpt' at ming contemporary art museum, shanghai, china

24 November 2018
Transformed into a communal studio for the general public, the 2000 square metres of the McAM is 're-sculpted' as a space of resistance and creativity. Within this erratic landscape of ruins are workspaces for visitors, who are welcomed to use the materials provided to help transform the crumbling space with their own ideas.

kehinde wiley in 'michael jackson: on the wall' travels to grand palais, paris, france

23 November 2018
A year after showing at London's National Portrait Gallery, ‘Michael Jackson: On the Wall' travels to the Grand Palais in Paris, France. Dedicated to the King of Pop, the show explores Jackson's career and the visual artists he inspired. The exhibition features Wiley's 'Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II (Michael Jackson)', 2010.

tom friedman in 'mad world' at marciano art foundation, los angeles, USA

20 November 2018
Bringing together exemplary works from the Marciano Collection, 'Mad World' exhibits the rampant absurdities of contemporary life. With several works that reflect on childhood and the cycle of life, the show aims to encourage consideration of the future - of what may or may not be a likely, or desirable, trajectory. Hand in hand with this theme is the notion of identity which, examined through innovative portraiture, highlights the unknown and unpredictable in ourselves and others. Ideas of how

wayne gonzales in ‘chaos and awe: painting for the 21st century' at chrysler museum of art, virginia, USA

16 November 2018
‘Chaos and Awe: Painting for the 21st Century' is a broad survey of contemporary art that displays the powerful and destabilising effects of 21st-century life. Featuring thirty-six international artists, the show touches on subjects from globalism and mass migration to radical ideologies, and the rapid expansion of technology.

thomas hirschhorn in 'class relationships - phantoms of perception' at kunstverein, hamburg, germany

27 October 2018
‘Class Relationships - Phantoms of Perception' explores the seldom articulated power structures that underpin societal relations today. Tackling subjects from the rise of right-wing populism, to widespread fear of economic decline, the exhibition calls attention to underlying socio-political issues of today. Breaking away from habitual thought processes to reveal uncomfortable truths about contemporary life, the artists featured aim to direct the viewer's gaze toward new ways of seeing.

kehinde wiley at saint louis art museum, missouri, USA

19 October 2018
'Kehinde Wiley: Saint Louis' stems from by visits that Wiley made to the city in 2017. Through a process of street casting, Wiley invited strangers that he met in neighborhoods in north Saint Louis and Ferguson to pose for his paintings. The artist then created eleven original portraits that are inspired by carefully chosen artworks in the Museum's collection.

thomas hirschhorn at villa stuck, munich, germany

19 October 2018
Composed of a huge landscape of ruins, 'Never Give up the Spot' stretches across three floors of the Villa Stuck. Visitors are invited to take a seat amongst the ruins and engage with computers and drawing materials. Combining destruction and creation, Hirschhorn celebrates the abolishing of dominant structures to create something new and inclusive.

rivane neuenschwander in ‘across boundaries’ at the draiflessen collection, mettingen, germany

14 October 2018
'Across boundaries' explores the use of maps as surfaces for projecting an understanding of the world. Featuring Contingent, 2008, by Rivane Neuenschwander, the exhibition reveals the historical power of maps to depict and even to shape reality.

juan araujo and luiz zerbini in 'southern geometries, from mexico to patagonia' at the fondation cartier pour l'art contemporain, paris, france

14 October 2018
Featuring over 70 artists from the Pre-Columbian period to the present, 'Southern Geometries, from Mexico to Patagonia' celebrates the geometric art of Latin America. Included in the exhibition are Juan Araujo's 'Homage to the Square #1', 2016, and Luiz Zerbini's 'Bambú Amarelo', 2016.

mamma andersson at the contemporary arts centre, cincinnati, USA

5 October 2018
'Mamma Andersson: Memory Banks' explores the artist's use of appropriated imagery and collage. Importing images of books and stray photographs, Andersson charges her paintings with an uncanny sense of familiarity whilst indulging the fantastical and eerily suggestive.

david shrigley, 'exhibition of inflatable swan things', spritmuseum, stockholm, sweden

27 September 2018
Initiated by Andy Warhol in 1989, the Spritmuseum permanent collection consists of some 850 artworks by 550 artists from around the world. Every autumn, the museum hosts a solo show by one of the artists represented in the Absolut Art Collection. This year, the museum presents, the ‘Exhibition of Giant Inflatable Swan-things'. David Shrigley's first exhibition in Sweden, the show features the artist's characteristically humorous distortions of the everyday.

deborah roberts in 'constructing identity in america' (1766-2017) at the montclair art museum, new jersey, USA

1 September 2018
‘Constructing Identity in America' featuring Deborah Roberts is a group show displaying works from the permanent collection of Montclair Art Museum. With works produced since America's birth in 1776 to the present day, the show addresses and analyses the evolution of American identity across time.

david shrigley at sketch london

18 January 2018
Sketch in London launches a new installation of work by David Shrigley. Following his highly acclaimed presentation of drawings which first opened in 2014, this new iteration features over one hundred unique oil bar and acrylic works on paper.

Shrigley has also designed a limited edition set of ceramic tableware, manufactured by British heritage brand Caverswall. The tableware features Shrigley's distinctive mordant drawings and texts, with inspiration drawn from the...