Group Exhibition
25 April–27 September 2020

Mamma Andersson features in 'Heat/ Energy'

Kummelholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Mamma Andersson is included in the group exhibition Heat/ Energy at Kummelholmen, Stockholm between 25 April-24 May 2020. Inspired by the gallery's former function as a district heating centre, the exhibition explores the interconnections between art, culture, society and ecology. The show continues at Körsbärsgården, Gotland between 6 June-27 September 2020.

The theme Heat/Energy emanates from the former power plant of Kummelholmen in the form of location, architecture, function and history as well as in terms of how art, culture, society and ecology are intimately linked and necessary prerequisites for a warm humanity. From the dark, cold industrial rooms of Kummelholmen, the exhibition will continue to its opposite, Körsbärsgården, an ecologically run venue bathing in light and warmth created specifically for exhibiting and discussing art, culture, literature and philosophy. Both locations are equally specific and peripheral. Both locations equally charged with energy. The dark versus the light space.

The project originated with the international art collective, ‘GoGo' and is curated by Jonas Ellerström, Torbjörn Johansson and Martin Ålun.

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