25 June–25 September 2011

Tonico Lemos Auad in 'A Million Miles From Home'

The Folkstone Triennial 2011, Folkstone, UK

19 international artists have been commissioned to create new works for the Folkestone Triennial 2011, which will take place from 25 June - 25 September. The selected artists have been invited to develop new works for Folkestone's streets, squares, beaches and historic buildings to create a cutting-edge contemporary art exhibition in the public domain.

Tonico Lemos Auad presents a series of Carrancas boat figureheads which will be installed around Folkestone Harbour. These figureheads are more usually found on riverboats in northeast Brazil and used as symbolic talismans to protect sailors. There will also be a silver ink covered wallpaper installation that acts as a giant scratch card. Visitors can draw their own messages and reveal images of processions in Brazil and Folkestone itself.

Curated by Andrea Schlieker, A Million Miles from Home refers to the sense of being between worlds, of displacement and separation, of transience and having to find bearings in an unknown elsewhere. It alludes to unease about unfamiliar surroundings as much as to wonder at this experience.

The selected artists in this year's Triennial either live or have biographical backgrounds in countries as diverse as Algeria, Kosovo, Israel, Guyana, India and Brazil, as well as Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Germany, Britain and the US.

A local artist collaborative is also represented. Together, they bring their stories and experiences to Folkestone, finding elements of shared ground and connecting threads.

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