Group Exhibition
16 June–16 August 2020

David Shrigley features in 'State of the Arts'

Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany

'State of the Arts' is a group exhibition at Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn which presents works that blur the boundaries of traditionally distinct artistic media. As part of the exhibition, British artist David Shrigley has installed three giant inflatable swans titled 'Inflatable Swan-Thing' in the museum foyer. The swans inflate and deflate at regular intervals on an endless loop, to unsettlingly comic effect.⁣ With their comically straight necks and simple smiley faces, the works bring the artist's signature satirical drawing style into three-dimensions. "I think it has the right level of comedy to it, but there's [also] something interesting and odd about it," Shrigley mused.

Also included in the exhibition is the installation 'The Artist' by British artist David Shrigley, a work which comprises a robot 'artist' – a head complete with a black wig placed atop a set of wheels – with coloured pens inserted in its nostrils. 

The exhibition also features artists including: Simnikiwe Buhlungu, Begüm Erciyas, Christian Falsnaes, Simon Fujiwara, Gisèle Gonon, Isabel Lewis & Dirk Bell, Rachel Monosov, Laure Prouvost, David Shrigley, Nora Turato, Dries Verhoeven, Raphaela Vogel, Hannah Weinberger. 


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