Group Exhibition
25 March–19 May 2022

Thomas Hirschhorn features in 'Why can’t we live together'

Sammlung Peters-Messer in Marburg, Marburger Kunstverein, Marburg, Germany

The Florian Peters-Messer Collection combines encompasses a broad spectrum of artistic attitudes that deal with the living conditions of the present and reflect on political and social developments. The title of the exhibition ‘Why can't we live together’ is taken from the work of the same name by artist Murat Önen and poses the question of the relationship between the individual, relationships and society.

The selection of works shown in the Marburg Art Museum focus on the relationship between the state and the individual, interpersonal encounters and self-questioning. These themes are expanded upon to include questions of migration and cultural identity alongside the consequences of colonialism and environmental destruction. 

Artists included in the exhibition are: John Bock, Sophie Calle, William Cordova, Oska Gutheil, Harry Hachmeister, Thomas Hirschhorn, Paul Hutchinson, Miriam Jonas, Kris Lemsalu, Erik van Lieshout, Murat Önen, Jack Pierson,  Moritz Riesenbeck, Achim Riethmann, Julian Röder, Gregor Schneider, Kon Trubkovich, Susan Turcot, Keith Tyson, Nicholas Warburg and Jan Zoeller.

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