22–30 April 2022

Hulda Guzmán features in 'A Cool Million Campaign'

San José Museum of Art, San Jose, California, USA

To coincide with Earth Day 2022, reproductions of Hulda Guzmán's paintings '"Come Dance" -asked Nature kindly' and 'Higüero' have been installed on billboards in Los Angeles in partnership with Getty Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), San José Museum of Art, and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive as part of #ACoolMillionCampaign.

⁠Speaking about her painting '"Come Dance" -asked Nature kindly', 2020, Guzmán' stated: "This painting is a celebration of Nature, and it seeks to transmit a sense of communion, of realizing our interconnectedness and sets a perspective of being humbled by the mechanics of our planet and universe. It suggests a contemplative culture based on ecological symbiosis and respect for the delicate balance between man, wildlife, and the environment. It intends to transmit a perspective of synergy, recognizing the reciprocal relationship, so that we can transcend the psychological, intellectual, and moral baggage we've accumulated. It is ultimately a call for urgency to revere Nature in a moment when its threat and destruction are imminent."⁠

'A Cool Million' is a partnership between For Freedoms, Art + Climate Action, Art into Acres, and 14 arts institutions across California to install climate-related artworks on billboards, museum facades, and public spaces to expand environmental justice programming and support the conservation of one million acres of land.

Participating artists include: Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Katherine Bernhardt, Petra Cortright, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Madeline Hollander, Sayre Gomez, Hulda Guzmán, Josh Kline, Rebecca Quaytman, Hugo McCloud, David Benjamin Sherry, Robin F. Williams and Nicole Wittenberg.

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