Solo Exhibition
24 September–16 October 2016

Sky Glabush: The Window is Also a Door

Prosjektrom Normanns, Stavanger, Norway

'The Window is Also a Door' presents a series of hand-woven objects that function somewhere between textiles, paintings, or carpets. What began as an investigation into the material properties of painting—not simply accepting the default material of canvas or linen but trying to create his own—has become an increasingly integral part of Glabush’s practise. Weaving is time-consuming and laborious. It echoes ritualistic and meditative traditions and is often a form of labour that is unnoticed or undervalued. In this site-specific arrangement of woven forms Glabush investigates questions of identity, history, religion, and the role of the artist in navigating these narrative constructions.

paintings are like windows
but seen as objects they become stopped
moving from something transparent to something static: 
a window to a door

weavings on the floor are blankets for eating on or sleeping on
slipping from one state to another

they are rugs too
for a poem or prayer
which is a window
a point of transition from one state to another

the movement of bodies.
who are invited in through the door
or escape through a window?
is the current migration something being welcomed (tolerated) 
moving as through an opening
or is it closed?

- Sky Glabush

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