Group Exhibition
17 July–31 October 2021

Rivane Neuenschwander features in ‘Língua Solta’

Museu da Língua Portuguesa (Museum of the Portuguese Language), São Paulo, Brazil

Group exhibition ‘Língua Solta’ reveals the diversity of the Portuguese language and its multitude of connections to contemporary art through a series of over 180 works that explore the use of words. Curated by Moacir dos Anjos and Fabiana Moraes, the presentation connects art and the Portuguese language to politics, society, protest and survival.

Highlights of the presentation include a cloak embroidered by Arthur Bispo do Rosário, staged on the first floor of the exhibition alongside four traditional Maracatu banners. Behind the banners, one wall displays a projection of contemporary memes by the collective Saquinho de Lixo. Featured opposite is the participatory installation ‘Zé Carioca e Amigos’ by Rivane Neuenschwander, based on the Walt Disney comic books featuring José, or, more familiarly, 'Zé' Carioca, the 'Brazilian jitterbird.' Other artists featured include Jonathas de Andrade, Jac Leirner, Leonilson, Emmanuel Nassar, Rosângela Rennó, Mira Schendel and Elida Tessler amongst others.

"Language is loose because it disturbs the consensus that anchors the dominant sociability relations, both in private and in public life. Incorporated in various images and objects, it suggests other possible understandings of the world. And thus weaves a policy that is its own. The project assumes language as a social operator that not only reflects but also reorganises ways of life.” – Moacir dos Anjos

“The exhibition houses, in an intuitive and playful way, some of the creative strategies that, structuring the most distinct images and objects, suggest and unfold the power that language has to emancipate. We understand that language is a space for power dispute and will be reflected in various issues in Brazil – of race, class, gender and geography” – Fabiana Moraes

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