Group Exhibition

Rivane Neuenschwander features in 'Latin American Art and Art of the Ancient Americas'

Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado, USA

The reinstalled Frederick & Jan Mayer Galleries showcase the Denver Art Museum’s renowned Latin American Art and Art of the Ancient Americas collections through a presentation of more than 1,000 works that present the expansive history of artistic creation in Latin America. The breadth of these collections, among the most comprehensive in the United States, encompass 3,500 years of art and culture, revealing trends, relationships, and discontinuities between art created in the region.

The Latin American Art gallery offers insights into more than five centuries of the shared stories of conquered and conquerors, and the arts that originated from a colonial situation of great complexity, featuring more than 3,000 works from Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and the Southwestern United States. Drawing on the museum’s remarkable holdings, for the first time a gallery will be exclusively devoted to the artistic developments that emerged after the independence from European rule in the 1820s, a time when the search for national identity and aspirations of cosmopolitanism dominated the arts.

The new John and Sandy Fox Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art gallery is dedicated to the museum’s acquisitions of modern and contemporary Latin American art, bridging the cultural narratives of the present and future and portraying a region in constant evolution. Screened in a loop, ‘Enredo’, 2016 by Rivane Neuenschwander is ten minutes and one second long, a reference to the infamous collection of Middle Eastern popular tales ‘One Thousand and One Nights.

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