Group Exhibition
14 February–7 May 2023

Jonathan Baldock features in Homo sacer

La Trobe Art Institute, Victoria, Australia

This exhibition explores the idea of homo sacer (literally, 'sacred man'). Homo sacer is an ancient Roman concept that suggests a person who has been removed from and placed out of the law and society could be killed without consequence. Through collected sculptures, paintings and video artworks,  'Homo sacer: life unlawed' demonstrates the relationship between the law, our bodies, and our experience and perception of the everyday world.

The exhibition explores a range of entanglements: between art and politics, between the individual and the institution, between humans and non-humans, between the law and the body and between ritual and rules. In doing so, the law is revealed as a messy and visceral bundle of contradictions that regulates our ideas of inside–outside, validity–invalidity, belonging–rejection. The exhibition demonstrates ways in which the abject is an affect of legal withdrawal.

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