Jonathan Baldock

Private View: Thursday 26 September, 6-8pm
27 September-2 November 2019

Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition with British artist Jonathan Baldock. This follows Baldock's solo show at Camden Arts Centre, London in Spring this year and precedes another solo exhibition at Kunsthall Stavanger, Norway in May 2020. Baldock's work is saturated with humour and wit, as well as an uncanny, macabre quality that channels the artist's longstanding interest in myth, folklore, and narratives associated with ‘outsider' practices.

His exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery brings together a new series of ceramic masks that teem with bright colours and outlandish expressions. Ripples of clay allude to folds of skin, whilst incisions and abstract protuberances reveal physiognomic features such as eyes, ears and nostrils. Here the artist toys with a cognitive process called pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see faces in inanimate objects.