7 December 2000 - 17 January 2001
Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to present new works on paper by: Stephan Balkenhol, Tom Friedman, Kendell Geers, Dryden Goodwin, Jim Hodges, Beatriz Milhazes, Donald Moffett, Yoshitomo Nara, Rivane Neuenschwander, Vong Phaophanit, Richard Phillips, Alexander Ross, Michal Rovner, Yinka Shonibare, David Shrigley and Kerry Stewart.

Draw (draw) v.t. (past drew (droo), p.p. drawn (drawn))
1 to draft, to picture, to portray. 2 to drag or pull. 3 to pull after on; to haul. 4 to pull out or up. 5 to extract or remove by pulling. 6 to cause to flow or come forth. 7 to elicit. 8 to induce to do something, esp. to reveal information. 9 in cards, to cause to be played. 10 to take, to receive, to derive. 11 to infer, to deduce. 12 to take in, to inhale. 13 to lengthen, to pull out, to stretch, to protract. 14 to extract. 15 to disembowel. 16 to take (tickets) out of a box or wheel. 17 to unsheathe (a sword). 18 to allure, to attract, to cause to follow one. 19 to cause to come out. 20 in hunting, to search for game. 21 to write (a cheque etc.) for payment by (a bank). 22 to drag (an animal such as a badger) from a hole. 23 to compose (a document). 24 to note (a comparison) 25 to make (wire) by pulling a piece of metal through a series of small holes. 26 in golf, to drive to the left (or right if left handed). 27 in bowls, to bowl in a curve. 28 (Naut.) to need (a specified depth of water) to float. 29 to pull (curtains) open or shut. 30 to finish (a game) with equal scores. ~v.i. 1 to practise the art of delineation. 2 to breathe in the smoke from a cigarette. 3 to pull, to haul. 4 (of a chimney, pipe etc.) to allow a free motion, current etc. 5 (of tea) to infuse. 6 to unsheathe a sword or take a pistol from its holster. 7 to draw lots. 8 to make demands (on). 9 to move, to approach. 10 to finish a game with equal scores. 11 to write out a draft for payment. 12 (of a sail) to swell tightly. 13 (Naut.) to require a certain depth of water. ~n. 1 the act or power of drawing. 2 a pull, a strain. 3 an attraction, a lure. 4 the act of drawing lots. 5 a lot or chance drawn. 6 a drawn game or contest. 7 a puff on a cigarette. 8 the act of pulling a gun quickly out of its holster to shoot. 9 (N Am.) the part of a drawbridge that can be moved.*
*(The Cassell Concise Dictionary, 1997)