Wayne Gonzales

25 November 2015 - 30 January 2016
Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to present a new body of work by American painter Wayne Gonzales. The artist's fourth show at the gallery comprises paintings, etchings and works on paper and heralds a new direction in the artist's painterly style. Taking Walker Evans as a starting point and using a highly expressive method of crosshatching, Gonzales distils a range of distinctly American source imagery in his exploration of the relationships between photography, history and memory. 

Claire Barclay: Longing Lasting

25 November 2015 - 30 January 2016
Pivoted on themes of continuity, need, and desire, the show combines interventionist sculpture and print works. Barclay's hybrid objects are centred on the physical and the psychological tensions that exist between contrasting elements. They are at once recognisable and foreign and act as a surreal reflection of the world around us. This exhibition is the culmination of a year long exploration into the ideas, materials and methods which formed the basis for her recent museum show ‘Overworkings' at Touchstones Rochdale.

Jiro Takamatsu

13 October 2015 - 14 November 2015

Opening during Frieze week in London, Stephen Friedman Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of work by Japanese artist Jiro Takamatsu, who died in 1998 at the age of 62. Never before seen outside of Japan, these important works date from the 1970s and 1980s and include drawings, paintings and sculpture.

Jennifer Rubell: Not Alone

4 September 2015 - 2 October 2015

Stephen Friedman Gallery is excited to launch the autumn program with 'Not Alone', an ambitious exhibition by the American artist Jennifer Rubell. Installed in the gallery's two adjacent spaces, the show includes interactive sculpture, food performance, film and painting.

Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition

13 June 2015 - 31 July 2015
In celebration of its twentieth anniversary, Stephen Friedman Gallery presents a special exhibition featuring a newly commissioned work by each gallery artist. Never before have all twenty-nine artists been shown together in one place, and this unique event revels in both the diversities and unities of the gallery programme. Starting from one small office, the exhibition presents work in each of the gallery's three exhibition spaces on Old Burlington Street in Mayfair, its home since 1995. The show commemorates the gallery's history while also looking forward to its future.

Galerie de l'Epoque

1 May 2015 - 30 May 2015
For the month of May, Stephen Friedman Gallery becomes Galerie de l‘Epoque, a fictional gallery founded in Paris in 1948. An immersive experience takes visitors back to a period environment evoking the aesthetic of an earlier era, presenting European twentieth century masters and classical contemporary artists from America, Europe, Japan and South America. Picasso, Schwitters and Klee sit comfortably with the likes of Isa Genzken, Jiro Takamatsu and Gego.

Anne Truitt: Drawings

19 March 2015 - 18 April 2015
Stephen Friedman Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of drawings by acclaimed American sculptor Anne Truitt. Featuring a selection of works which span four decades, the show will offer unique insight into Truitt's practice and her daily ritual of drawing. Following an earlier solo exhibition of Truitt's sculptures in 2011 at Stephen Friedman Gallery, this is the first major presentation of her drawings in the UK.

Paul McDevitt: Grand Canyon

19 March 2015 - 18 April 2015
Stephen Friedman Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of new work by Berlin-based British artist Paul McDevitt. McDevitt's drawings and paintings combine high and low art as classical and modernist imagery collide with graffiti and collage. His subversion of traditional art historical hierarchies exposes new, fantastical imagery that teeters on the peripheries of reality and deconstructs the myths still clinging to the practice of painting.

Juan Araujo

6 February 2015 - 7 March 2015
Stephen Friedman Gallery is delighted to present the first UK solo exhibition by Venezuelan painter Juan Araujo, one of Latin America's foremost contemporary artists. The exhibition brings together a compelling body of new works inspired by the pioneering Brazilian architect Vilanova Artigas's iconic Baeta House in Sao Paulo.