Frieze Art Fair 2011

Stephen Friedman Gallery is delighted to announce its Frieze 2011 presentation: a solo exhibition of work by Huma Bhabha.

Bhabha's work confronts universal themes such as war, displacement and memories of home. In her sculptures, work on paper and photography, Bhabha creates fictionalised tableaus, which situate the figure in landscape and combine sci-fi iconography with traditional cultural references.

Debuted at Frieze, Ghost of Humankindness (2011), is a large-scale bronze sculpture. Towering some two and half meters in height, Ghost of Humankindness artfully configures Bhabha's language of informal materials into enduring bronze. Here, a tower of polystyrene cubes stacked by the artist have been combined with modelling clay, discarded paper and spray paint into a totemic figurative sculpture. In an alchemic transformation of these original materials, each element was cast using the lost-wax method to reproduce in exactitude the material elements and texture of the original work. The everyday material is skilfully celebrated here, refigured in an alluring bronze. Intricately hand painted, the bronze sculpture replicates in extraordinary verisimilitude the original, fragile form.

The work is presented in the centre of stand, surrounded by a new series of photo drawings. Here the artist shows photographs taken in Pakistan, Italy and New York laid over with expressive drawings in ink. The panoramic installation of these works recalls a cinematic tracking shot, which the artist describes as being ‘filled with memories of beauty and destruction'. The defiant bronze figure stands tall as the central character in this fantastical mise-en-scene, where memory and nostalgia collide with the reality of the present.

This emblematic body of work beautifully encapsulates the diverse nature of Bhabha's practice, and situates her as one of the most important young sculptors working today.

Huma Bhabha will be the subject of a solo exhibition at P.S.1/MoMA Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, New York in 2012.

Stephen Friedman Gallery is also pleased to present Anne Truitt: Works from the Estate at 25 - 28 Old Burlington Street, and Mark Garry and Isabel Nolan at no.11 Old Burlington Street, 11 October - 19 November.

Forthcoming exhibition: Catherine Opie 23 November 2011 - 21 January 2012
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