art basel unlimited: jim hodges

16 June 2016
At this year's Art Basel Unlimited, Stephen Friedman Gallery presents 'a good fence' by American artist Jim Hodges (b.1957).

'a good fence' is an immersive installation exploring notions of boundaries, liberation and contemplation. Visitors will encounter a two meter high pine fence which acts as both an excluding barrier and a safe haven. Visitors cannot see through its tightly locked wooden panels, save for one discreet door. Once through the entrance, the environment is transformed from an impenetrable fortress into a tranquil oasis. Two sofas and a coffee table invite us to congregate with one another or offer the opportunity for quiet contemplation-a space to retreat and reflect. First presented at Stephen Friedman Gallery in 2008, the work keys into Hodges' multi-media practice exploring and exploiting everyday materials. Hodges talks of his practice as 'choreographing experiences', and 'a good fence' is a prime example of his investigations into both space and materiality. Our expectations are subverted just as the material too is transformed by the artist's touch, from a simple fence to a meditative temple.

Curated by New York-based curator Gianni Jetzer, Unlimited is Art Basel's pioneering exhibition platform for projects that transcends the classical art-show stand, including large-scale sculpture and paintings, video projections, installations, and live performances.

Art Basel Unlimited takes place in Hall 1 and runs from 16 until 19 June 2016. The opening event is on Monday 13 June, 4pm to 7pm.

Art Basel Unlimited