art basel 2017

15 June 2017
For Art Basel 2017 Stephen Friedman Gallery will present a specially curated stand that explores different perspectives of nature and domestic environments in landscape. This will include new work by Mamma Andersson, Juan Araujo, Andreas Eriksson, Jim Hodges and Luiz Zerbini. These painters depict the landscape of their native countries in different ways and in radically different styles, but each seek to explore the human relationship with their surroundings.

Part of the stand will be dedicated to Jim Hodges. This will include new paintings and drawings that are inspired by 'Old Growth' forests in Oregon. These are woodlands that have not undergone any man made changes for more than a hundred years and contain both young, mature and standing dead trees. These paintings are poignant musings on the beauty of seasonal change and the passing of time, using delicate mark-making and soft tones to create an unabashed celebration of beauty and the transience of nature. By changing the orientation of the landscape, Hodges powerfully alters its meaning and the way the viewer interacts with it. This follows Hodges' exhibition at the gallery in 2016 which marked his return to painting.

15-18 June 2017
Preview days: Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 June
Stand K4, Hall 2.1