Napoleonic paintings by Kehinde Wiley and Jacques-Louis David to be united at the former residence of the French Emperor, Château de Malmaison, Paris, France

9 October 2019
Jacques-Louis David's celebrated 19th-century portrait of Napoleon on horseback will be shown alongside the Americn artist Kehinde Wiley's dramatic homage to David's painting for the first time this autumn. Both works go on show at Château de Malmaison in western Paris this autumn (9 October 2019-6 January 2020), formerly Napoleon Bonaparte's private estate, and will travel to the Brooklyn Museum in New York (24 January-10 May 2020).

Yinka Shonbare CBE features in New Science and Art Exhibit, 'Being Human', at Wellcome Collection, London, UK

5 September 2019
The Wellcome Collection will launch a new permanent exhibit, 'Being Human', this September. The new presentation will explore ideas of trust, identity and health in a changing world. Yinka Shonibare CBE will present a new sculpture. A life-size sculpture of an astronaut wearing a suit printed in the artist's signature 'batik' fabric, the work forms part of Shonibare's celebrated 'Refugee Astronaut' series.

Kehinde Wiley in 'Michael Jackson: On the Wall' touring to Espo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo, Finland

21 August 2019
‘Michael Jackson: On the Wall' travels to EMMA this Autumn. The exhibition explores Jackson's career and presents almost 100 artworks to show how the singer inspired some of the leading names in contemporary art.

Ged Quinn features in ‘Comeback – Art Historical Renaissances’ at Kunsthalle Tübingen, Germany

20 July 2019
This exhibition presents a renaissance in the use of art history amongst contemporary artists. Oriented towards the rejuvenation of the techniques and subjects employed by the old masters, the artists included in the exhibition present an art of uniqueness, authenticity or nostalgia in a contrast to the mass-produced global culture of today.

Luiz Zerbini: 'Trees' at Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, France

12 July 2019
'Trees' at Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain examines the human relationship with trees from a scientific as well as an artistic perspective. Featuring drawings, paintings, photographs, films, and installations, the exhibition presents the beauty and natural wealth of trees, as well as the threats of deforestation and climate change. Displaying works of contemporary art whilst presenting recent scientific discoveries, the exhibition is an experimental and holistic exploration of the subject.

Claire Barclay takes part in ‘Art Car Boot Sale’ 2019 at SWG3, Glasgow, UK

30 June 2019
Located on the ground floor of SWG3, The Art Car Boot Sale 2019 brings together works by more than one hundred UK-based artists. The emerging and established artists involved will be selling unique works and editions directly from the boots of their cars.

David Shrigley features in ‘Stance and Fall: A Wavering World' at Museum Marta Herford, Germany

29 June 2019
This group exhibition at Museum of Marta Herford explores the human quest for orientation in a chaotic and hazardous world. Investigating our attempts to take a firm stance, the exhibition covers subjects from stark political positions that risk initiating societal dissolution, to the tumbling bodies of dancers and falling animals.

Deborah Roberts features in ‘Cut and Paste: 400 Years of Collage’ at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, UK.

29 June 2019
‘Cut and Paste: 400 Years of Collage' is the first survey exhibition of collage ever to take place. Often described as a twentieth-century invention, collage in fact has a long history. Showing the vast range and depth of collage as a medium, this show spans a period of more than 400 years, and displays over individual 250 works.

Kendell Geers curates 'IncarNations: African Art as Philosophy’ at Sindika Dokolo Foundation Collection at Palais des Beaux-Arts, BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium

28 June 2019
Offering a new perspective on African art, ‘IncarNations' explores the spiritual elements that bind the art of Africa and its diasporas. For this unique exhibition, South-African artist Kendell Geers and Congolese art collector Sindika Dokolo bring together 150 works of art from Dokolo's vast collection. Combining ancient artefacts with contemporary art, the exhibition displays an astonishing variety of art objects, from classical masks to two dimensional works and sculpture of the present day.

David Shrigley features in the group exhibition, 'Alex Kane: 4 Bed Detached Home of Metal' at New Art Gallery, Walsall

22 June 2019
Contemporary art collides with metal culture in this unique exhibition created by artist Alan Kane, and commissioned as part of ‘Home of Metal'. For this exhibition, Kane conceives the galleries as a domestic space centred on a love of metal, in its material and musical forms. Conceived as a metal ‘lounge', the galleries that constitute this exhibition playfully confound notions of public and private space and expectations of scale, purpose and value.

David Shrigley: ‘Do not (do not do it)’ at Museo de arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City

22 June 2019
‘Do not (do not do it)' is a solo exhibition of works by David Shrigley at Museo de arte Carrillo Gil, organised in collaboration with Fundación Amparo y Manuel (AMMA). Bringing together work from throughout the British artist's career, the exhibition creates a dialogue between early works and Shrigley's recent practice. The presentation includes work from the series, ‘Life Drawings', in which Shrigley depicts his fictional ‘model' in moments from everyday life - with a darkly humorous twist.

Thomas Hirschhorn: Robert Walser-Sculpture takes place for the 13th Edition of the Swiss Sculpture Exhibition, Biel, Switzerland

15 June 2019
The 13th edition of the Swiss Sculpture Exhibition presents Robert Walser-Sculpture by Thomas Hirschhorn. Constructed as a venue for the discovery and exploration of the celebrated Swiss writer Robert Walser (1878-1956), the work constantly evolves as a site of active encounter and exchange.

Kendell Geers: ‘The Second Coming (Do What Thou Wilt)' takes place at Rua Red, Dublin, Ireland

15 June 2019
The Second Coming (Do What Thou Wilt) is a solo exhibition by South-African artist Kendell Geers on view at Rua Red, Dublin. Inspired by the work of W.B. Yeats, the exhibition is formulated as a response to the celebrated poem ‘The Second Coming' (1919), which describes the approach of apocalyptic revelation.

Denzil Forrester, Deborah Roberts, Yinka Shonibare CBE and Kehinde Wiley in ‘Get Up, Stand Up Now', Somerset House, London, UK

12 June 2019
Get Up, Stand Up Now: Generations of Black Creative Pioneers is a major new exhibition curated by Zak Ové that celebrates Black creativity from the post-war era to the present day. Bringing together major historical works alongside new commissions and personal archives, the exhibition features 100 interdisciplinary artists who are considered groundbreakers of their generation and genre.


Tonico Lemos Auad in 'Enchanted Bodies / Fetish for freedom' at Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (GAMeC), Rome, Italy

8 June 2019
'Enchanted Bodies / Fetish for Freedom' is the brainchild of Bernardo Mosqueira, founder and director of the independent Solar dos Abacaxis space in Rio de Janeiro. An international panel of judges selected the exhibition proposal in May 2017, deeming it to "reflect profound changes in contemporary society while reading the exhibition space in an absolutely innovative and unusual way, placing the visitor at the centre of an active experience, interacting with the works of many artists".

Stephen Friedman Gallery launches a new publication to accompany Deborah Roberts' solo exhibition, 'If they come'

6 June 2019
'If they come' is Deborah Roberts' first solo exhibition at the gallery and in Europe. The exhibition is accompanied by a new publication featuring an essay by Daniella Rose King, Whitney-Lauder Curatorial Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia. Roberts will have a major solo exhibition at The Contemporary Austin, Texas in September 2020.

Jim Hodges at Pizzuti Collection, Ohio, USA

1 June 2019
This exhibition features more than thirty works by Jim Hodges from the collection of Ron and Ann Pizzuti. With work in a variety of media from 1992 to 2019 collected by Ron and Ann Pizzuti over a period of decades, this exhibition offers a unique view of the artist's practice. It also reflects the strong relationship between the artist and Columbus' most prominent collectors of contemporary art.

'David Shrigley: To Be Of Use’ at Art Omi, Newmark Gallery, Ghent, New York, USA

25 May 2019
'To Be Of Use' is a characteristically playful solo exhibition by David Shrigley, now on view at Art Omi, New York. The presentation is comprised of practical objects, each with a twist that undermines its anticipated function. ‘Problem Guitars' (2017) consists of a set of instruments which can be played, but in an altered capacity. Meanwhile an oversized telephone allows visitors to make phone calls, but only if the receiver's number doesn't contain a zero. Each week during the exhibition, 'The Artist' (2014) (a Roomba outfitted with markers protruding from its nostrils) will produce a drawing to add to the display.

'Hazmat Love' (2016) by Tom Friedman goes on display at Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, UK

25 May 2019
‘Hazmat Love' (2016) by Tom Friedman is currently on display at the entrance of Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. The sculpture embodies Tom Friedman's unparalleled technical craftsmanship and unique creative philosophy. The work depicts two figures, clasping hands and engaged in what could be a dance, embrace or greeting. The artist describes the scene as a ‘dystopian romance - love in a toxic environment'. 

Yinka Shonibare CBE features in ‘Mirrors – The Reflected Self’ at Museum Rietberg, Zürich, Switzerland.

17 May 2019
Bringing together 200 artworks from international museums and collections, the exhibition explores how the idea of the mirror has been used throughout art history, from classical Greece to the present day.

Jim Hodges features in group exhibition ‘With a Capital P’ at Elmhurst Art Museum

11 May 2019
‘With a Capital P' explores the huge variety of contemporary artistic practices that do not involve paint or a brush. The exhibition, which spans six rooms of Elmhurst Art Museum, aims to encourage conversation about the possibilities that have been opened up by an innovative selection and use of media. Curated by six local painters Leslie Baum, Magalie Guérin, José Lerma, Nancy Mladenoff, Suellen Rocca, and Kay Rosen, the exhibition focusses on artists based in the Midwest and surrounding regio

Kendell Geers will feature in Giudecca Art District’s Flagship Exhibition during this year's Venice Biennale.

9 May 2019
The island of Guidecca will be launched as Venice’s first ‘permanent art district’ during the 2019 Venice Biennale this May. During the Biennale, over 60 artists will take part in 20 inaugurating exhibitions across the Giudecca Art District. A site-specific work by Kendell Geers will be situated in one of the outdoor spaces of the District.

Juan Araujo at PEER, London, UK

26 April 2019
For PEER, Juan Araujo has created a new series of paintings and multimedia works that are based on photographs taken during his research visits to the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green, Hertfordshire and the Barbican Centre, London in early 2018. These two sources enabled the artist to pursue one of his long-term preoccupations - the consideration of how various articulations of modernist histories can be variously read through art and architecture, and the connections between them.

Stephan Balkenhol and Yinka Shonibare CBE in 'A Cool Breeze' at Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Republic

25 April 2019
Exploring the evolution of conventions relating to representation of the body, 'A Cool Breeze' reflects some of the most innovative leaps made by contemporary sculpture in the past few decades. Confronting a primary subject of traditional sculpture, the artists included portray the human body in ways that reflect contemporary issues of identity, society, and values whilst referencing the history of visual art.

Paul McDevitt curates group exhibition, ‘Du coq à l’âne’ (‘from cock to ass’) at Le Bel Ordinaire, Pau, France

24 April 2019
For this curatorial project, Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quaback take as their starting point the idea of exchanging cities: Paul the Scotsman who lives in Berlin, and Cornelius the German in Glasgow. Focussing on these important centres of artistic production, the exhibition shows how artists today participate in the dynamic activity of the cities in which they live and work. 

'Unearthed' by Jim Hodges goes on display at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, USA

22 April 2019
'Unearthed' by Jim Hodges is a monumental tree stump with its roots pulled from the ground. Cast in bronze with a black patina, the unearthed object hovers between worlds; a temporary, lingering place - a purgatory space, and a suspended inert state. During a four month period of display, the sculpture will undergo a process of gradual transformation. The work will first be presented standing tall on its roots. The trunk's bronze roots will then be buried in the earth, and the trunk gilded in 24-carat gold.

Stephan Balkenhol at The Museum of Sepulchral Culture, Kassel, Germany

6 April 2019
Stephan Balkenhol presents a solo show at the Museum of Sepulchral Culture in Kassel, Germany. Included in the exhibition are large sculptural works, hand-carved in Wawa wood including the locally named 'Venus of Kassel', (2016) and 'Male Torso', (2016).

Yinka Shonibare curates a new Arts Council Collection Touring Exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Yorkshire, UK.

5 April 2019
Reflective of Yinka's own practice, this exhibition, on display in Longside Gallery, explores the cultural and social dimensions of the use of pattern in modern and contemporary art. Taken from Adolf Loos' 1908 influential essay ‘Ornament and Crime', the title of this exhibition provocatively quotes the author criticising tattoos as ‘criminal'. In ‘Criminal Ornamentaion', Shonibare curates an exhibition that embraces color, ornamentation and pattern to challenge perceptions and expectations of ornament and decoration.

‘The American Library’ by Yinka Shonibare CBE goes on display at Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

29 March 2019
‘The American Library' by Yinka Shonibare CBE is a celebration of the diversity of the American population and acts as an instigator of discovery and debate. The six thousand books in this art installation are covered in the artist’s signature Dutch wax printed cotton textile and printed with the names of immigants to the USA or from the American South, who have made a significant contribution to American cultural life. Visitors can engage with the installation through learning more about the individuals named, and sharing own stories of immigration by using the ipads provided. 

Thomas Hirschhorn in ‘Hybrid Sculpture: Contemporary Sculpture of the collection of the Stedelijk Museum’, at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

23 March 2019
With more than twenty works by nineteen artists on display, ‘Hybrid sculpture' reveals how much sculpture has changed in the past three decades. Opposing classical rules, these artists reject notions of ‘pure' sculpture to create ‘hybrid' sculptures that combine performance, video art, and design.

Yinka Shonibare CBE in ‘Bel Canto: Contemporary Artists Explore Opera' at SITE, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

16 March 2019
SITE Santa Fe presents ‘Bel Canto: Contemporary Artists Explore Opera', an exhibition that examines themes of race, gender and class through the stories, traditions, architecture, and music of opera. The exhibition features the work of Vasco Araújo, Suzanne Bocanegro, Candida Höfer, William Kentridge, Guillermo Kuitca, Yinka Shonibare CBE, Matthias Schaller, and Bill Viola.

Deborah Roberts in 'Plumb Line: Charles White and the Contemporary' at the California African American Museum, California, USA

6 March 2019
Charles White's artistic portrayals of black subjects, life, and history were extensive and far-reaching. ‘Plumb Line' features contemporary artists whose work exploring the black individual and collective life resonates with White's profound and continuing influence.

‘Kehinde Wiley: Equestrian Portrait of Prince Tommaso of Savoy-Carignan' is part of Santa Barbara Museum of Art's Park Projects

3 March 2019
‘Kehinde Wiley: Equestrian Portrait of Prince Tommaso of Savoy-Carignan' is part of SBMA's Park Projects: a new series of installations using the grand stairwell at SBMA's Park Entrance. Serving as the Museum's main point of access during ongoing renovation, this space has displayed temporary installations of works by contemporary artists since August 2018.

Yinka Shonibare CBE at the Richard H. Driehaus Museum, Chicago, Illinois, USA

2 March 2019
The inaugural exhibition of the Driehaus Museum's new contemporary art series, ‘A Tale of Today', is dedicated to the early work of Yinka Shonibare CBE. Drawing on history, politics and fashion as well as his own British and Nigerian heritage, Shonibare explores and critiques our understanding of the past.

Mamma Andersson features in a group exhibition of Nordic Art at Scandinavia House, New York, USA

23 February 2019
‘Nordic Impressions: Contemporary Art from Åland, Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden' reflects the rich diversity and global character of Nordic art. Displaying artworks in a wide variety of media, the exhibition is united by the historic threads that unite Nordic art and culture.

Yinka Shonibare CBE at Norval Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa

13 February 2019
'Trade Winds: Yinka Shonibare CBE' at Norval Foundation brings together a wide variety of artworks from photographs to sculptures and a major installation, which are linked through their use of Dutch Wax fabric. The fabric signifies the complexity of how cultural objects are formed, shaped by historical, social and economic processes that defy simplistic or monolithic understandings of culture or nationhood.

David Shrigley in 'The Stage is Yours' at Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

8 February 2019
For 'The Stage is Yours', the fourth-floor galleries of the Finnish National Gallery are filled with participatory and experiential artworks that underline the concepts of giving, hospitality, and togetherness. The five artists featured invite visitors to engage as more than just passive viewers - to speak, listen, draw, and perform. The exhibition includes David Shrigley's participatory artwork, Life Model II, 2016. 

Yinka Shonibare CBE features in the group exhibition, ‘Still here tomorrow to high five you yesterday’ at Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Cape Town, South Africa

30 January 2019
Yinka Shonibare CBE features in the group exhibition, ‘Still here tomorrow to high five you yesterday' at Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA). Featuring seventeen artists, the exhibition explores the different ways in which artists have tackled the concept of progress within post-colonial Africa. Drawing on African Futures and Afrofuturism, the exhibition explores the idea of utopia to call for a re-reading of narratives about present and future African society.

Ilona Keserü and Anne Truitt in 'Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera' at The Met Fifth Avenue, New York, USA

17 December 2018
Featuring work from the 1940s to the present day, 'Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera' explores large-scale abstract painting, sculpture and assemblage. Iconic pieces from The Met collection are shown in conversation with works by international artists such as Ilona Keserü and Anne Truitt.

Tom Friedman in 'Mad World' at Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles, USA

20 November 2018
Bringing together exemplary works from the Marciano Collection, 'Mad World' exhibits the rampant absurdities of contemporary life. With several works that reflect on childhood and the cycle of life, the show aims to encourage consideration of the future - of what may or may not be a likely, or desirable, trajectory. Hand in hand with this theme is the notion of identity which, examined through innovative portraiture, highlights the unknown and unpredictable in ourselves and others. Ideas of how

Deborah Roberts in 'Constructing Identity in America' (1766-2017) at the Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey, USA

1 September 2018
‘Constructing Identity in America' featuring Deborah Roberts is a group show displaying works from the permanent collection of Montclair Art Museum. With works produced since America's birth in 1776 to the present day, the show addresses and analyses the evolution of American identity across time.